A Day in a Hotel General Manager’s life!

What makes a Best Hotel General Manager? Have you ever come across question like this!

The answer is simple “A Hotel General Manager never should have a mentality of 9 to 5 job pattern”!

OK, now let me take this opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience!

As a General Manager, I am more focused on the Customer service and I initiate more and more training to my staffs so that they could be more skilled to handle the guest needs and provide their best services at all times. I am personally make sure to have my guests stays are more comfortable and memorable one.


I firmly believe my experience, exposure and expertise; I am very delighted to fulfill my job needs and thoroughly enjoy the professionalism on it. Needless to say, my job result clearly depicts my passion and love of my work.

As a Hotel Manager, I am always honesty and reliability and ready to accept all challenges whether it is brings me more contradiction or critics, I will always more consent to my decision and motivate my employees in all difficult times.


Once , I enter the lobby from the main hotel entrance and I feels the ambiance of my hotel and the charming environment welcomes me and gets guided to my office with more pleasure by exchanging the valuable morning greetings!

First, I will make sure to address, if any problems happened in the previous night and check all departmental register and its updated log notes.

Then, I start to visit the areas of Front Office and monitor the Hotel room position and conference, banquet party & functions of the day. And then, visits the restaurant where we serve the buffet breakfast to our guests and ensure that everything ready for our guests to start their day more welcomingly. Also, I used to display the current date newspapers other magazines and set up lively TV channels, so that the guest could see and enjoy them. I will make sure that the whole breakfast session shall be more elegant.


“Each day will be an added asset for my career; I willingly enjoy my day, surmount all tough times and build more professional skills”

All my staffs display a warmly smile on their face and exhibit their eagerness to sever the guests. My relations with my employees and guests are more professional and my communication plays a key role and my words inspire the staffs and will start their day, more energetically.


Every morning, there will be a departmental HOD meeting; meeting shall be for a short time of 10 to 15 minutes, to discuss about the room position, Food and beverage promotions, maintenance issues etc., and to sort out any disputes, immediately.


Most of the day is filled with responding to immediate email messages, sales promotion activities , business development,, cross checking the previous reports like Occupancy Statistics reports, night auditing reports, manager reports, Daily sales reports, hotel revenue forecasting data etc.,

It’s time for Lunch, after finishing the lunch; Once again, I will take a round of the hotel. I will interact with some staffs personally and share their work experience and comfort ability with our Hotel. Then, I used to check the rooms randomly so that I could understand the cleanliness of the Hotel rooms and its services.


“As a Great Hotel General Manager, you should have more passion on your job and I am doing it”

I will spend some time in the lobby so that I can see the guests and gets engaged some conversation with them, to know more about their stay and their visit purpose, so my conversation makes me to connect more friendly, with them.


As a Hotel General Manager, I don’t have any duty timings, I am always available to my guests and to my staffs, any time they can contact me and in fact we do have our own Hotel what’s up group to chat for main hotel issues or problems, so that we could take decision and action it, instantly.


To conclude, I am always energetic, enthusiastic, skilled manager and vibrant leader with a solid track record of performance. Needless to say, that iam ready to develop more skills in order to be more competitive and to tackle any grievances arises. I am prepared to face any competitions and tough time coming forward in the Hospitality industry.

I am delighted to share my knowledge and experience, with a sense of pride!

I am ready take up any challenges and very eager to contribute my knowledge for any hotel projects.

As always, fell free to contact me at any time, and I welcome any feedback you may have.

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Pls. do share and comment!!



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